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Growth of the Company

Chainasis Limited' journey began in 2020 when we first ventured into the world of cryptocurrency trading. Back then, it was an uncharted territory, with no established strategies or mechanisms in place.

Through the process of learning from our trials and failures, we gained critical insights, developed our unique strategy and steadily expanded our investment portfolio

As of 2023, Chainasis Limited has emerged as a premier entity in the cryptocurrency trading landscape. Since our inception in 2020, we've successfully navigated through periods of significant market downturns and dwindling investment interest, as well as substantial growth phases, using these cycles to effectively multiply our capital holdings.

Over the past period, we have:

formed a pool of
successfully closed deals;


created and improved our
own trading algorithms;


integrated the latest IT solutions and
technologies into our own trading process;


by using AI algorithms largely automated the processes of cryptocurrency trading.


At present, we possess the expertise to proficiently execute trading transactions, undeterred by the multitude of internal and external factors influencing the global cryptocurrency market.

Round-the-clock trading

One of the key differences between the cryptocurrency market and traditional financial markets is the operating mode - unlike the latter, cryptocurrency trading has no restrictions and takes place around the clock. Cryptocurrency markets lack the concept of closing positions at the end of the day/week.

Distinctive Aspects of our
Cryptocurrency Strategy
crypto trading

At the first glance, cryptocurrency trading might seem akin to conventional stock and financial market trading. However, despite the superficial similarity, there exist fundamental differences that uniquely characterize this domain, influencing and shaping the trading mechanisms.

The key distinctions in
cryptocurrency trading include:

Extreme price fluctuations
and recurrent trend shifts.

The extreme volatility of cryptocurrencies can be devastating for investors - on one side, it offers the chance to significantly increase your investment in just a few days; but on the other side, it can result in a total loss of investment before you even have the opportunity to close the deal with minimal profit.

While traditional liquid currency pairs in the stock market might see fluctuations of 2% - 4% per month, these rates can skyrocket to 50% or even 100% per month when dealing with cryptocurrencies.

Instances of abnormal pumps for specific coins or tokens, which can skyrocket or plummet by 1000% in a single day, are not included in our considerations.

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Endless Trade Opportunities

Cryptocurrency markets are unique in that they operate 24/7, unlike traditional financial markets, which are tied to specific timings. This non-stop operation allows positions to be held open indefinitely, providing an endless stream of trading opportunities at any time of the day or week.

No correlation between traditional
assets and high growth potential

The cryptocurrency market operates on a very different principle than traditional financial markets and is rooted in its highly decentralized nature. It is known to be a standalone performer, often showing growth during financial downturns, as many institutional investors leverage digital assets to diversify their portfolios amid global economic downturns. This unique feature underscores the value of investing in digital currencies.

While the cryptocurrency market today is relatively smaller than traditional equity markets, it has enormous growth potential. The significant financial appeal of cryptoassets, coupled with the constant promotion of their economic benefits, points to promising prospects for the industry. The world of crypto trading is vast and waiting to be explored by savvy investors.


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